Thank you for the kind words Eckhouse, and just for the record, I am already a slave to the voice that tells me what to write; the many voices.

I will begin with a ficlet, An Exciting Turn of Events, that shows Eckhouse's purely amazing writing ability:

“Yeah, seatbelt,” he responded. He let the gun and badge slip to the floor mat, reaching over his shoulder to grab the buckle. As soon as it clicked home, she stood on the brake pedal and lurched the wheel to the left.

The Galaxie was a fine automotive specimen. Despite years of use for family picnics and sending kids off to college in, it had power and it had balance. Not surprisingly, then, its rear end whipped around easily in a screaming cloud of worn rubber smoke.

“The hell?” he gasped.

“Saw this in a movie,” she leered, pinning the accelerator to the floor. Two black-and-whites were heading straight for them in a fury of light and sound.

He didn’t have much time to think. He did have time, however, to watch the slow motion ballet of two cop cars diverting around the Galaxie’s hood, leaving enough room for one to shoot right past his window and nick the mirror. Once the commotion of the moment had passed, he was better able to hear his own squealing.

She eyed him quizzically. “Seriously?”

This series unfortunately died after a few more ficlets, but while it lasted, I soaked up every word. The characters were beautiful and as you can see, Eckhouse further developed them in his brilliant sequel. This is just one of the stories that Eckhouse has contibuted to that was absolutely fantastic.  

Besides my personal favorite, Eckhouse's Ask the Wonderball was featured on ficlets and was actually the first ficlet I ever read, I now recall. It seemed like any other piece of writing at first, but the incredible twist at the end made it quite the haunting work. That ficlet made a lasting impression on me. I might even admit to being a little jealous of all the amazing authors I found on the site and their unique writing abilities, Eckhouse being one of those authors. Ask the Wonderball recieved loads of praise along with mulitple sequels and prequels, obviously meaning that everyone wanted to build on the splendid story.

I reccomend anything Eckhouse writes, and that is how I will summarize this branch.

I have chosen to tag JoyceFreedom and Poozzab, both of whom are fantastic writers. I completed an incredibly adorable series with Freedom, and have worked on a couple of series with Poozzab, one of which was a successful finished product.

The End

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