I joined Protagonize last February, became an active member in March, and then disappeared in June. I came back in December during the holidays and feel like a newcomer again, looking at the overwhelming number of new authors and their amazing stories!

There are several authors here whom I admire and whose stories I have enjoyed, and while I know that there are still many more whose stories I’m yet to read, I’ll mention a few here.

First of all, thank you D.F.M for starting this wonderful idea of getting us to write about each other! I have thoroughly enjoyed your poems, stories and your enthusiasm!

Jillian – The first writer I noticed when I joined Protagonize, and continue to watch for. I’ve also admired the way she encourages other writers with suggestions, and enjoy her regular updates on her profile as well! I wish her the very best in her writing and publishing career, and look forward to seeing her name in the bookstores soon!!

Juniper – Made my day when she gave life to The Sanctuary, my first attempt on a story, and something I had almost given up on after I had set it on fire. I enjoyed collaborating with her, and promise to complete the story!

Dr Pinch – Burst into the scene with his instant hit “Glossary of a Forgotten Species” last spring. He is probably on one of his inter-galactic expeditions now, looking for more of those lost species! An honest critic; although he may have been construed as coming out a bit strongly in his criticism, I think we do need such feedback here, if we aspire to become better writers. I look forward to seeing more of him in this site.

Rac7hel  - Has written some excellent poems which generated a lot of interest (Epic Nursery Rhyme), stories (Outsmart) and puzzles.

FaltarEgo – Author of The Unseen Way. And whatever happened with that call from from Alexander Graham Bell (Calling Dr Bell)? I hope to see him again soon as well.

Now, coming to my second innings which began in December, and which I hope will last a lot longer, I’ve been enjoying the works of several new authors including, but not limited to:

Eloosive – I love his Fighting chance and am rooting for it to become a knockout success! I’m also with his “Orphan Rescue Project”, because I know what it means to someone, especially to a newbie, when someone branches from their story!

Tasha_Noble – How did I miss her stories during my previous stint? I just read Paddytum recently, and understand what the hype is all about! Also, her writings have inspired me to add NaNoWriMo to my new year’s resolutions!

Tip A Steinback – There are still many more of his stories I need to read, but to pick one at random, William Testle from Flight 228 was awesome!  I also loved reading some of his feedback to others, and would love his feedback as well as I write further.

Bill Hartzia Dr Fraud – ‘nuff said! (Dr Fraud in his mankini is giving me nightmares!)

RivertalkerIan Mackenzie mystery! I just hope I can write a novel like that one day! Love the way he welcomes newcomers to the site, and enjoy the daily diary additions from everyone. I’ll contribute an entry to it some time soon as well.

Olius – I’m amazed at the incredible number of ideas of stories that keep popping from his head.

Archi – Another author with such an amazing talent! Is she in high school? Wow, I wish I could write like her when I was in school! Heck, I wish I could write like her now!

The new list wouldn’t be complete without mentioning some of the ex-Ficleteers, and although I haven’t read a lot yet, one story that caught my attention was The Heart is a Reliable Organ by AnaCristina & ElshaHawk.

Saving the best for the last, our own Nick – Writer, Editor, Moderator, Software Developer and fellow Metro Vancouver resident! You’ve heard this enough times Nick, but still – Kudos, and thank you!

Well, that’s it from me for now, folks! I know that there are so many more out there that I haven’t read yet and am sure I have missed mentioning, but have hopefully been mentioned by others. So, with this, I’ll pass the baton to a few other authors we haven’t seen around for some time, with the hope that, like me, they will soon be back!

The End

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