I read a LOT. I suppose that I am lucky, because ever since I have started reading I have always been able to read very fast, up at around 800 words per minute. No speed reading or anything, I am just lucky in that I can recognize words at a glance.

I have a special love for good science fiction, but enjoy crime novels, western novels, pure novels about anything and non-fiction that is interesting.I just love books and reading.

Given that I have such an obsession with interest in reading, I suppose that it was natural for me to start experimenting with writing. And that is how I found ficlets - from John Scalzi's blog.

I have had the privilege to read fictionby and collaborate with many talented people on that site, and I believe that protaginize could be even better, because there is no character limit on the story chapters.

The first person that I am going to speculate about is THX0477 (or Dr Tim)

I think he is probably in his early middle age, probably around 45 or so. He is a shrink (I think) is probably very well read, and owns a cat. He reads large amounts of non fiction, and indulges in a thick spy thriller every now and again. Probably holds a very interesting conversation over dinner

Next up is uselessnesss

He claims that he is a programmer and used to be a DJ in a past life. Which led me to consider: Who would leave the fast-paced and exciting world of radio dj-ing for the unending minutiae encountered doing web devleopment? Obviously the only person that would do this is some sort of deviant. Exactly what kind I am not sure yet, but keep an eye out for the expose! My current suspicions involve custard pies, horses and trans-gendered martians.

Just kidding, of course :-)

The End

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