First of all, "Eckhouse."  If you were breathing at any point in the 1990's then you are likely to remember the show Beverly Hills 90210.  You may also remember the two main characters that (at least originally) served as the focal point and moral compass for the story, siblings Brenda and Brandon.  You may or may not remember their parents, Jim and Cindy.  If you can now picture Jim (played by the multi-talented James Eckhouse) in your head, consider it a picture of me. 

I have no idea where the urge to write came from.  I do remember reading things by Douglas Adams and Tom Robbins and liking where their heads were at.  At some point it transitioned from "thank god I won't have trouble with this school assignment" to "this might be fun to just... do," stopping off briefly at "if I don't get this out, I'll, like, explode with teenage angst."  Maybe it comes from rewriting TV shows and movies in my head as I watch them when I think they start to suck, or maybe that's a byproduct.  Haven't figured it out, and don't care to.  Life is a comedy for those who make comedies, a tragedy for those who make tragedies, and a docudrama with ugly actors for those who make docudramas. 

Like a lot of other people, it was Wil Wheaton who brought me to Ficlet Jesus.  Not personally or anything.  As that site died its slow and meaningless death, so did my interest for the moment in writing, until...

AnaCristina, who I totally would have crushed on in high school, asks me about bringing over stories to this new website thing.  And viola!  AnaCristina generally writes beautiful stories about beautiful things, and I would enjoy them even more were my heart not so black and shriveled.  The few times I've written in response to something of hers have forced me into a more altered frame of mind than I would have thought, and in a totally good way.

And there's uselessness, who is a kindred spirit in terms of our mutual appreciation of wacky spy genre rom-com hijinks.  The man can just as easily move a plot along as twist it into a totally different shape.  And he will forever hold a place in my literary pantheon for something... something like Zombie Karl Marx.

But they've already been tagged.  Therefore, RainDance - thou art tagged.  Although I have just discovered her stuff, I can tell that she has that voice that tells her what to write.  (You'll be its servant in no time, believe me.)  What I have seen of hers so far is intense and good, and I will always look forward to more.

Also, jdxx.  I have only begun to read things by her, though I like her style and her ability to write in a detailed first person that doesn't bog down in said details.  I've never quite mastered it.

The End

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