When I was in grade school, I was under the illusion that I could write.  But I was smart enough to realize that, at that time, my stuff didn't turn out too well.  I had that "can't get by the first few sentences" disease.  I set aside the dream for a while.

Fast-forward to the summer before my freshman year.  I had this idea, a tiny germ of a story.  It wasn't the beginning, but that didn't matter.  It was still something; I'd worry about the beginning later.

It was in the course of writing my first big thing that I realized I could write.  Time just had to play with me a bit.

Hit that fast-forward button again.  This time, stop it at about seven months ago.

May 31st, 2008.

I opened an AIM window, finding one of those semi-pesky tips pop up with it.  Something about a writing site or something.  That day I decided to be curious, so I clicked on the link.

Thus began my writing love affair.

It took a while to get used to the 1,024 character limit of ficlets, the comment system, just being in a new community and not knowing anybody.  It's kind of like the first day at a new school, y'know?

I noticed on the home page the Featured Ficlet.  Deep Space Disaster, by uselessness.  I think my curiosity/just-go-man-go meter was off the scale that day, because I decided to write my first sequel and my first ficlet.

Oh, there are so many ficleting memories I could go into... the Wonderball series, the Revolution (Mistress Elsha Always Gets Her Man), going through every day of that six months, thirty days, and five hundred ficlets...

Psh!  But all y'all don't wanna hear about that, now do you?!  You don't wanna hear about lil' ol' me, 'course not!  It's the people you wanna hear about!

There are so many folks that come to my mind.  I guess the person I can blame for starting the avalanch is uselessness.  It's all your fault, dude!  And for that, you are awesome.

Actually, it was also uselessness who directed some of my questions to the great THX0477.  I had seen from his profile at the time that he was the Grand Awesome Marshall of the League of Awesomeness.  I thought to myself, What am I doing?  Do I really think the top writer on this site is gonna listen to a newbie-nobody like me?  I shrugged and told myself it was worth the try.

Now how often do you find an insanely awesome person who is also insanely humble?

Not very often, but this was one of those times.

A few months in, I began to feel at home, but something wasn't quite right.  So many people seemed to know each other, and not just by their writing either.  Geez, I thought, if only I could get to know some of these people...

An answer came like a sign from above, in the form of a challenge to hide your AIM screenname in a piece.  The challenge-issue-er and I started talking, and I got more screennames from her, too.

But there was one other entry that caught my eye, the entry by a dude called OrangeOreos.  I'd read some of Orange's stuff in the past, and they'd struck me.

It was worth a try.

On a warm night in late August, I IMed OrangeOreos.

g2: does g2 (la pianista irlandesa) have the distinct pleasure of quickly addressing the one called Orange Oreos?


OrangeOreos: you do


g2: yay!


g2: Hi!


Orange Oreos: hallo


Orange Oreos: what's crackin'?


g2: peppers


g2: peanuts


g2: um... those chocolate-orange things that you smash on the counter...


OrangeOreos: haha


g2: dang, I'm running out of ideas


OrangeOreos: i only had those once.


OrangeOreos: they're good


g2: Really?  orange+chocolate=good?That did it.  It set off quite the friendship.  After a while, it seemed that we were on the same wavelength (which helps if one is writing a series with that person).  Occasionally, I feel like someone else and I'm talking to me.  And I tell you, it's quite entertaining.Man, at this rate, I'll never get in all the people who have had an influence on me... and I don't want to bore all of you out there.  But, whoever you are who has influenced me, thank you!

The End

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