These branching addventure tag challenges are almost, but not quite, exactly like pyramid schemes: they're easy if you're among the first to have a go, but considerably harder later on. All the people you want to tag have already been tagged! I heard a rumor that d.f.m. is actually Bernie Madoff, but I've been wrong before.

I've enjoyed writing for longer than I can remember. Some of my favorite school experiences were the creative writing classes I took in high school and college, as well as the forensics team I was part of in those days (public speaking, not autopsies). I joined Ficlets early in its lifetime — the first ficlet I wrote was only the 303rd one on the site. During my time there, alternating between prolific times and long breaks as I am wont to do, I managed to crank out 275 of those little buggers. That's somewhere around 55,000 words all told, and in hindsight I have to wonder why I didn't have more of a life.

Yet here I am, back for more writing escapades on Protagonize. The lack of a character limit is really going to kill my productivity at the office, mark my words.

Like ALRO613 said, we collaborated briefly with a sci fi series called... well, it didn't really have a title. But it was about Sirius II. His contributions were epic, really adding an edge of believability and grit to the story. Our story (or at least the part that was written) was a high-adrenaline tale of vendetta, camaraderie, and ship battles in space. It also holds the distinction, I believe, of being the first ficlet series I ever wrote where I went out of my way to use heavy profanity. Usually I keep my stuff squeaky clean. Maybe we'll migrate the series over here for a new audience.

Another old buddy of mine from Ficlets is Eckhouse. We wrote the Building series more than a year ago and have revived it here. Protagonize is a great place for new starts! Writing with Eckhouse really challenged me because he had such a wonderful grasp of jargon and knew how to write sophisticated dramedy. Hats off to him.

Internet friend Ana Cristina and real-life friend thebetweenspace shared one of my more memorable Ficlet experiences with our collaborative story There's Something About Jodi. I guess that's what we're calling it. It was the first (and only) Ficlet series I've been part of that actually ended, and in the most natural way possible. The characters were so alive, they wrote the story themselves! It's a twisty-turny angsty comedy about the most evil girl in the world, more or less. Our collaboration was so smooth, I think the three of us must have a single brain in common. If tbs ever makes his way to Protagonize, I hope the three of us can republish the story here. To be fair, the story was really Ana's and tbs's, and I didn't really jump in as a coauthor until perhaps after the halfway point.

THX0477 is awesome.

Over here in Protagonizeland, I have to give a shoutout to Miki-deMillion for Scrutiny of Pistol McDoozie, one of my favorite and most inventive uses of collaborative fiction I've yet found. The whole story thus far has been a very enjoyable read.

Also, mad props to Tasha Noble for Paddytum. I must have more. This story is written by someone who knows what she's talking about. Despite the whole talking teddy bear thing, it's almost too plausible. I'm going to chalk that up to skilled writing. ;-)

It'll be great to get to know more of you as I come into my own as a Protagonizer. I hope those of you who don't hail from Ficletopia will still have an appreciation for the older stories that I and my friends are migrating here. Apologies to everyone I left out; there were a lot of you but many have already been tagged by others.

The End

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