So if I’m reading the original poem and the author guidance correctly, I’m supposed to write about the person who tagged me here. That’s good, because I’d rather talk about Ana Cristina than about myself, and besides, if you really want to know what I think of myself, it should be in my ABOUT ME blurb in my profile (into which I resolve to actually put something worthwhile at some point).

Anyway, onto Ana Cristina…

Ana has the double distinction of being the last among us to have a featured story at Ficlets, and the first among us (since the Great Ficlets-Protagonize Migration of ’08-’09) to have a featured story at Protagonize.

What’s remarkable about the former event is that by the time her story was selected, Kevin Lawver, the person behind the creation of Ficlets, had already left AOL and had limited ability to change the site. Still, he would continue to update the Featured Ficlet from time to time, although not as frequently as when he was on staff. That he found Ana’s prompt for a Haunted House Challenge worth promoting and that he never found another story to replace it is something special.

What’s remarkable to me about the latter event is that Ana had only been in Protagonize for nine days when The Heart Is A Reliable Organ was selected as the featured story. Less than two weeks, and Ana has already been recognized as a producer of quality work.

My own first exposure to Ana’s work was La Première Impression ( or I had picked it up in one of the middle chapters, and one of my pet peeves about Ficlets is that there is no quick way to link back to the beginning of a long Ficlet series. As a result, I didn’t often read segments of series if I hadn’t picked them up from the beginning, but something in the title compelled me to pick this one up. And then the writing compelled me to read backward through its prequels to the beginning, then forward again to the end. That says something to me about Ana’s writing.

Ana has consistently been one of the top six most active authors at Ficlets, and over here she’s already a MERCENARY and on her way to becoming an ADVENTURER. And while she has an impressive number of stories and poems at both sites, it’s dwarfed by the number of comments she leaves for other writers. And when it comes to feedback to your writing, whose counsel would you hold higher than that of an English teacher like Ana?

The End

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