My mother still has a folder of my first stories I wrote in elementary school. My fourth grade teacher loved my writing and encouraged it.

I remember going to the computer lab, though I'm not sure which grade, and typing up what I guess you'd call a fan fic of Benji the dog on an old Apple II E. You know, back when floppy discs really were floppy? I sat there, surrounded by 20 of my peers, typing and crying because the dog died in the end! I think it says something when a child is touched by her own story.

I wrote journals and kept a plot book, where I began many tales, but never finished them.

When I joined Ficlets, I had let writing go by the wayside. I had gone to college, gotten married, had kids, and held time consuming jobs. I thought about writing, and even jotted a few ideas down once in a while, but nothing stuck.

Having a community of writers to encourage me, befriend me, and inspire me helped me to complete my first series, my first novel, and motivate me to write more. I completed Nano for goodness sake! The challenges people gave forced me to write in genres I never would have touched. I never would have learned what techniques people enjoy reading, how to pace a book, nor what themes are interesting. I would have been writing drivel for myself.

That said, I want to thank all my writing friends. Thank You! many of you aren't even on here yet, and I can't nominate you!

Special mention needs to go to a couple of people. Firstly, ALRO, because without him I never would have made it through Nano, and I never would have met Wendy in our arsonist series. He is an ever present counsel in times of odd questions as well! Anyone who can put up with my randomness is a gem!

Secondly, OrangeOreos always has clever chat room inputs, great comments on stories, and helped me get past some hard spots on a challenge story about three ladies who each lost one sense, sight, hearing, and speaking. He can roll with the flow!

And lastly, I am always impressed by THX0477 who never fails to have the best comments ever, is always eloquent, and is so smart! I am inspired to gain greater knowledge just by being in his online presence. I feel the need to reasearch something.. lol.

Thanks Wyatt for nominating me! You are an inspiration as well! You helped develop my amnesiac story which ended hilariously! I hope I have your longevity and am still writing amusing tales that younger generations can get into!

The End

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