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As Dr Sam Beckett said at the end of every Quantum Leap episode (except the final one) - "Oh Boy!"

Where do I start.?

I won't say much about the very short history of my writing, as there's a bit about that in my profile blurb, and more in the first chapter of my "Calling all Protagonizers" story.   All I can say is that I'm very happy to have found this site.

I know I have to tag three people - but before I do that, I need to mention a few who have been tagged already.

But - I'll start with someone who hasn't been tagged, and I'm not tagging him myself, because I suspect he's too busy these days to respond:

jonty - A few days before I joined, I told Jonty about this site.  I had a feeling he'd like it, and sure enough, he beat me to it by two days and joined on 18 May.  By the time I joined myself, he had already added to several stories - and I was blown away by his writing.  Some of his additions were a little odd and quirky, but I expected that.  But his writing was always excellent: often insightful, sometimes poignant, and occasionally rip-roaringly funny.  He started his own story - a satire called "2008: a Whig Odyssey" a few days later, and he and I wrote 40-odd branches over the next few months.  Nobody else ever joined in, but it's still open to additions.  (A must to check out if you're into Jasper Fforde because it's very similar in theme.)  Jonty also co-wrote most of "The Life and Times of Bella Pleasance" with me.  And when that became my first featured story six days after I joined, I felt that Jonty deserved as much credit for it as I did.  I hope Jonty returns some day, because I miss being surprised by his writing.

Now to a few people who have already been tagged,  but I have to mention them because they are the ones who kept me here when I first joined.

seldom - Who is Seldom?  Male or female? Young or old? Where is Seldom? Europe? USA?  Bahamas? The Moon?  Seldom could be my next door neighbour, for all I know...  But, it doesn't matter.  Whoever, or wherever Seldom is, "his" writing is absolutely breathtakingly outstandingly awesome.  I make no secret of the fact that Seldom is my favourite Protagonize author, and I never tire of reading his stuff.  He moulds it perfectly to any genre he writes in, and I have read published authors who could learn from him.  Reading a scene by Seldom is like being there, or watching a movie.

Dysphemism - Aaron is a phenomenally good writer.  I'm sure he'll be published one day.  What has always impressed me about him is his willingness to open every single story of his up for collaboration - even those on which he has flown solo for chapter after chapter.   All of my own stories started off like that, but there are a couple I ended up soloing on and they each reached a point where I didn't want anyone to join in.  Dys isn't like that, and to me, that shows true generosity of spirit.

Those three were my best buddies here for my first few months, but there were more to come:

Eloosive - What can I say about Marc?  His poetry and prose are equally impressive and he just rocks!  He writes with style and wit, and his story ideas are inspired.

CheshireGrin - Fantastic writer and a lovely person.  How she finds time to write, and write so well, with her other commitments I just don't know.

JackRubashevskiy - I have always felt that Jack is underrated on here.  He should be in the top five all the time.  He's versatile and willing to try anything, and he's also very supportive of everyone else.

TheRiverTalker - Jim is the biz!  He's the daddy.  A great writer and a lovely guy.  He's the peacemaker and the calming influence on Protagonize.

Tip A Steinback - A relatively recent arrival, and I added him as a fave very quickly.  Robert is the punmeister.  He's quick.  He's sharp.  He's very funny and he's very talented, and not just with the comical stuff.

I would love to mention lots more people - I have over 60 favourites here, but this branch is long enough already.

Okay - now to my taggees...

Parkovic - I love Parky, and I love his writing.  He took up the challenge of adding to my Nonsense poem, "Love Story From a Strange Land", undeterred by my stringent pedantically perfectionistic metre and rhyme requirements and did it to perfection, and made me laugh so hard my sides ached.  (I promise I will add another chapter soon, Parky, because I love that story.)  He might be too busy to respond, but I can but try.

And my final two choices are perhaps the most amazing writers I've come across so far, mainly because they are 14-going-on-40, in their writing maturity.

Fluffycrow - After I read my first piece by Anna, I visited her profile, and thought she must be lying about her age.  It said she was fourteen.  She certainly doesn't write like the average 14-year old.  She has some fab story ideas too.   Check her out.  She is astoundingly good, and so is...

SoundsFishy - Grace was only thirteen when she joined.  Again, I could not believe it when I read her stuff.  She writes with maturity and finesse, and I'm sure she will go far.

There are also a few untagged so far, who I would have chosen if I were allowed more than three, but no doubt someone else will choose...

Darkliquid - Andy, whose story "My Baby Beetle" was one of the most brilliant things I've ever read here and I rushed to read the next chapter every time an email arrived to say he'd updated it.

Rac7hel - the poetry queen, whose Epic Nursery Rhyme was one of the first things I read and added to, and who had some of us writing palindromic poetry not long ago.

IreneInTheWorld - Glad you're back.

LukeRyan - a talented guy, who doesn't come here nearly enough.

Lainey Summers - where are you?  I miss your writing.

OK - I'll shut up now.

The End

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