I stopped writing about ten years ago, not because I wanted to, but because no one seemed to be interested in what I wrote; at least not the magazines I submitted to. The only bright spot in my writing, was when I wrote a humor column in a local news paper. That came to an end when they wanted more stories than I was willing to write. So, I stopped writing anything.

Five months ago I spotted an invitation on AOL-IM to join Ficlets.com.  After reading several stories written there by the young and old alike I was hooked. The first comment I received about a story was from ElshaHawk and MightyJoe. Through their, and many others encouragement, I once again enjoy writing. My ficlet total was 255 ficlets.

However, all good things come to an end, and Ficlets was no different. I looked around for other places, similar to ficlets, but the sites I found were either too serious, or too restrictive. Then, once again Elsha Hawk came to my rescue, telling me about Protagonize. Here I've made new friends, while surrounding myself with old ones.

The End

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