Okay, I’ve put this off too long.

*edit: speaking of too long, I hope you’re comfortable.

I’ve discussed my own writing elsewhere, and too many people have already said really nice things about it, so I’ll start with something that hasn’t been covered: the name Eloosive.

I used to be a pretty big video game nerd (I worked at Electronic Arts for more than three years for crying out loud) and the game that started it all for me was Quake. My best friend introduced it to me in our first year of university and I promptly took over his computer whenever I could (mine was too crap to run it).

For a long time I played under the name Homicide, but I started seeing a lot of people going by it and I was getting tired of people spelling it Homocide. Sigh, kids. Anyway. I needed a new name and I wanted one that fit my playing style, eg: being very hard to kill and often escaping with very little life left. I no longer remember how I came across ‘elusive’ but I liked it immediately. But the spelling just wasn’t quite right, you know? I haven’t gone by another alias since.

So there you have it. Now, on to my list. This will be long and I make no apologies for that.

Tasha Noble and The River Talker: my two favorite authors on this site; I could never pretend otherwise.

My first encounter with Jim’s writing was his epic saga The Old Man Oak - if you haven’t read it, get moving. Don’t be intimidated by the number of chapters like I was at first - just go a chapter or two a day and you’ll get through it eventually. It is mesmerizing. And Jim is one of the nicest guys you’ll ever meet. Jim if I’m ever in Florida or you swing by Vancouver, I’d like to buy you a drink.

Tricia… lord, what hasn’t already been said about her? I know I’ve said this before but it’s worth saying again: I feel guilty whenever I read her work because I know I should have to pay for such quality. I think Waking Up With Henry was the first thing I read by her and I was terribly sad when I got to the end and it wasn’t finished. So I left a comment to that effect… well more of a demand/whine. Tricia I fully expect that when I have children of my own, a few years down the line, I’ll be reading them your bedtime stories. Ditto about the drink thing.

Alright, if I write that much about everyone we’ll be here all day. I’ll try to trim it down a bit.

Fluffy Crow - my first contribution to this site was to one of her poetry stories, so I owe her thanks for bringing me in. When I read her profile I was shocked to see that she was, supposedly, 14. I still don’t fully believe it.

LiveBreathFootball - his writing has matured remarkably in his short time on Protag and I look forward to seeing it continue to improve. Only 18, lordy lordy. I’ll get back to Drain For Grain eventually, I promise.

Olius Brightwell - best story starters on the site, hands down. I can’t wait to read your novel. Novels, I should say. Your imagination is unmatched and you’re… only 19? Alright, I need to talk about someone my own age again, before I get depressed over my wasted youth.

Kevichella - 25, close enough. He makes me laugh, a lot. I hope he gets his internet sorted out soon so that his madness may return to us in its full glory.

Bill Hartzia - I knew from the first paragraph of his very first story that I would love everything he writes. He has yet to let me down. I’m excited to be working on Tagged with him.

Jack - I forget on a regular basis that he’s only 19. His writing is hauntingly beautiful… when it’s not ridiculously funny.

Cheshire Grin - she’s always been incredibly kind and encouraging and I look forward to reading her every post. She has such a powerful but subtle feel to her work. One of the many authors that I would love to collaborate with.

DFM - another 19 year old who has triple the talent I did at that age and is twice as nice. Keep writing Dayla, just keep writing. And thank you for this opportunity for us to all express some gratitude and appreciation. Stuff like this just helps this writing community to grow stronger.

Seldom - incredibly funny, extremely under-rated. Author of some of the most hilarious poetry on Protag. Always very kind and encouraging. It’s been almost a month since Sel last wrote here and that’s about two months too long.

The Mist - amazing story teller. I can imagine him with his own TV show, sitting by a fireplace, reading his creepy tales to an extremely loyal audience.

Ana Cristina - the first Ficlet refugee to really grab my attention with her writing, and I’m sure she won’t be the last. I hope she finds the confidence soon to realize that she doesn’t write ‘silly little stories’, she uses her pen like a magician uses a wand - to create magic.

Parkovic - oh man, I just tried to find the first thing I’d read by Parky and ended up reading all of his posts. His wit is mightier than any sword, I hope he finds time to write here more often.

Archi Teuthis - so full of awesome. Her random thoughts of the author on her profile are better than sliced bread.

Fog Cat - another under-rated gem. Em-ee is fantastic, I promise to keep reading as long as you promise to keep writing.

Sounds Fishy - another supposed 14 year old. I can only imagine how much more mind-blowingly brilliant her writing will be in ten years. In twenty? Good lord, that’s a scary thought. Just keep writing Grace, don’t let anyone ever tell you not to.

Dark Liquid - brilliant in his irreverent insanity. No matter how often I read his work he’ll hit me with something I’d never see coming. I owe you thanks for many a good belly laugh.

Tip A Stein Back - I love the way his mind works. Another true treasure for this community.

Arystokrat - wonderful sense of humour. Write more, please.

Nick - thank you. Anything more would just be superfluous.

And now, finally, at last, breathe a sigh of relief, I come to the three I shall tag.

Smac972 - ridiculously under-rated. I’ve enjoyed every single word of his that I’ve read. I’m shocked that we’ve got this many branches into this story without him being tagged. And I’ll never get his profile pic out of my head.

Bucknuck - the resident king of haiku. But you know what? The man can write some amazing prose. His branch on Ordinary People remains one of my favorite pieces of non-humour on this site.

Rac7hel - loved her poetry from day one, but when I discovered her work on Outsmart she became a favorite. She writes well beyond her 21 years.

Okay then. The funny thing is, I know as soon as I hit Publish I’ll remember five authors I forgot to mention. So… apologies in advance to those that slipped from my cluttered mind.

The End

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