This is gonna be tricky, to write about authors who i admire so much, picking them won't be easy, so i'll just start off with how i got into writing.

well, i have been a laid back kid my whole life, my emotions took control of my every day activities when i was young, i guess you could say i was sensative in a way, but now that i am able to keep my emotions tucked up deep inside me, the only way i let them out is by putting them on a page. I wrote a few poems when i was just getting out of elementary school, and i thought they were pretty great at the time, but then my imagination went nowhere until about grade 11 when i signed up for a creative writing class. I think i signed up for it because i liked to read books and i had so much of my own stuff that i needed out of my mind, the class, it was nice, it was easy, you could write whatever you wanted and have other people in the class read it, but none of them were helping me expand my horizons on the page. wait wait wait, im getting off track here. i love writing, to me it is the only form of art that i could use to express my imagination to the fullest extent, it's the only art that you can be free with, take anywhere, do anything with.

Another reason to why talking about other writers will be difficult in my eye, is that i feel too timid to get involved with another persons writing. maybe because it wasn't something i liked, or because they wouldn't like what i had written, or maybe fear of confrontation with not performing to My best ability, but the thing that i realized is that i don't care what people think about with my writing, i do if they are praising me or critiquing me, but my fear of negativity is gone because writing is the one true thing that nobody can take away from me.

I doubt i will ever be a featured author or have one of my stories featured, probably because im not as involved as the past featured authors have been, and i don't care, it would be nice, but if you sort through all the other wonderful pieces and wonderful authors and find me scrounging around the bottom and you happen to like what i have written, then that's what makes me happy is that someone likes my work.

Moonwalker, i gotta call you out my fave. author on this site. didn't think much of you when, if i am correct, we first danced together on what i think was a wooden floor at the time, with a hole in it, in the protagonize pub. You were kind enough to read my work and help out with it even though i have yet to return the favour and read your work, i will though, in time. Oh, and um, im done with football so the only way you can lose me is if i have writer's block (as i do now)

TheRiverTalker (a.k.a RT) has been a grandfather figure to me on this site as im sure he has been to most other writers, though i guess i can't really call him a grandfather since my dad is 50, lol. i know that i can always ask him to read my work and critique for he has not let me down yet.

Eloosive and Briony, both of you are great writers and the only two that i have conversed with on many occasions. I write about Eloosive because he has attributed to one of my stories and he's from my part of town and Briony, well, she writes some great haikus and she and i both find "flight of the conchords" pretty funny.

During the future days spent on this site, if i should come across another writer who i failed to mention during this so called "expression of gratitude", i hope that someone has not come across them yet. i will stop writing now, i think that's all i have to say.

The End

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