It is almost impossible to believe that I only started writing on Protagonize since mid October. Only two and a half months! It doesn't seem possible. I've always written stories in my head, but it was usually dismissed as daydreaming, which I guess it was. It only becomes literature when you write it down. I'm pretty sure that writing dirty lyrics in my notebooks about  a couple of guys in high school didn't  rate as literature, though.

I've always had a vivid imagination, but I never wrote anything down consistently. I've written diary / journals,over the years, but I always gave them up because my daydreams were a lot more interesting than my life was. Anyway, I found protagonize on facebook, where I'd spent a great deal of time networking with people I knew from work.

In any case, the very first story that I contributed to, was Impossible waters, that Olius Brightwell had begun. It was a good story, and I kept adding until poor Olius gave up and went on to something else. I liked his style of writing then, and I still do. In any case, I stumbled over The Protagoniizer Pub. I think it eventually reached 90 chapters. It was wonderful, I could make up stories to my heart's content as long as I stayed within the author's guidelines. It petered out after awhile, which I really regret, because I had really come to care about the characters and their authors.

I met some authors on The Protag Pub that I came to respect very much as authors, and as friends. Cassandra is one of those authors. We seem to think quite a bit alike in our writing styles, despite the fact that Cass is literally young enough to be my daughter. I was never blessed with children. Instead, we raised cats. We've never had more than 3 at one time, so I don't want anybody to think that I'm a crazy cat lady with a house full of cats! In any case, Cass has been Collaborating with me on My Space in Time, and I've collaborated on some of the same poetry series as Cass.

When I finally took the plunge and started my own novel, Ghost Cop, Cass has encouraged me all along the way. A good deal of what Cass writes is solo, so I haven't collaborated with that, but I've been following her story, Before Time Existed and Space had Matter, very closely. Cass has become the daughter of my heart although I live in Canada and she lives in England.

The young people on this site blow me away. Livebreathefootball, (Kellan), is only 18 years old and an athlete.He's not the sort of person that I would expect to spend so much time on the computer writing. we'll probably lose him for awhile next football season, though, I imagine. His writing is insightful and mature, and I don't mean mature themed, I mean grown up, well adjusted. Which is something wonderful to my mind, because at 18 I was anything but mature or well adjusted!

We've had an influx of authors from from Ficlets, a writer's community that is closing down on January 15th. Welcome Ficleteers! One Ficleteer that I have had the great pleasure to work with is Jindall. I collaborated on a story of Jinn's that she started at Ficlets, The Beginning of The Demise of Man. We wrote and we wrote, and we finished it off today. We're going to be working on something else, soon.

Tip_A_ Stein _Back is an author that I admire greatly. He's not only the same age, he lives only two hours' drive away from me. I've collaborated on many of the add on stories that he also contributed to, The Protagonizer Pub, The Lost Episodes of The Twilight Zone, Back Stage Horror. I just really respect Tip as a writer.

I love writing, and I've gotten some very positive feedback from many of the other authors. On December 23, 2008, I became a featured author. Until Dec. 29, my profile was featured under Authors on this site. What an incredible Christmas present, for which I thank Nick B. the Editor profusely. It was a great honour, and it encourages me to write, and write, and write....

The End

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