I take this challenge seriously, to write about you, d.f.m.; to write about how we met.  And I’m honored that you’ve selected me and that maybe you call me friend. 

To write this I’ve had to the beginning… to the first bit of writing I found of yours.  ‘Planned For You’ it is called.  I enjoyed it and left a one word praise: “Splendid”.  (Splendid is a good word, you know, and fun to say.)  This story was filed under Chick Lit, Humour, Romance.  The two on either side I never read and never write.  But I enjoyed your story.  And it inspired me.  I see now that it has been continued farther than my last read… I shall have to go discover what interesting developments have come along.

So we talked a bit of collaborating, but our busy lives prevented it.  Do you still want to do that sometime? 

And I started a story, a Chick Lit and Romance, that hasn’t gotten off the ground yet, except in my head.  But I’m thinking of writing a play. 

Oh, and I almost forgot, one of my more embarrassing moments on Protagonize.  It was a rare moment when I did not pay close attention to the dates, (I assure you, I’m always very careful now), I must have just seen that d.f.m. had posted few stories and received few ratings, and so I assumed that she was new to the site and I welcomed her to protagonize.  Actually, she’d been around for 4 months longer than I had!  Most embarrassing.

Closing thoughts on d.f.m.: 

She’s a good poet and kindly challenged me on the Poetry Battle thread. 

I’ve always wondered what she meant by the “from Ontario, soon to be elsewhere, Canada”… but never asked.  Where are you going d.f.m.?  I think this made me more intrigued by her because I myself, though my profile always says “from Canada,” actually spend much of the year at school in the States, and I’m moving there for real this summer, which will be strange.


Well, now it is my turn to pass the baton on to some of the writers here who I have enjoyed writing with.  I see others have written about their personal writing journeys, so I shall write one sentence about mine, then leave the rest of my post about others.  I love to write stories, but I'm an extrovert, and protagonize has opened to me the doors to the wonderful thing call collaborative writing, where I no longer must write alone.

I’ll start with Jillian.  Hers was the first story I wrote on: The Story That Ends.  We had a ton of fun with that one, and lots of other authors joined, but we haven’t yet gotten to the end.  I think I’ll go continue it soon.  Anyhow, Jillian was very welcoming, and then she got busy publishing a book, which is fantastic!  But we miss you, Jillian.  Or, I do at any rate.

aryst0krat is another friend of mine on here.  I like his witty style.  We’ve chatted about books together, particularly Artemis Fowl, and then we e-mailed back and forth about writing a story together, which we have finally started.  I am excited to see where it leads.

And, this is so hard—to only pick 3, but I should also like to thank Tasha Noble.  She was so kind and welcoming to me, and we’ve talked about cats, and collaborated on some stories.  And I am always impressed with the quality of her writing… whatever genera or style she picks, she is always so good!



The End

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