The honour to write the reason behind of why i write.

I take my  pencil case out, and from it i remove the most special of them all out .

I sit back and i go back in time to when i first started.

It was a while back in time were my presence in life was not noted because i made myself even smaller. So i could not get hurt. That was the reason that brought the writer out i would make myself heard one way or another and today almost two decades away from that broken shell that was me i see myself surronded by friends who share a common love.

The will to create , to make their thoughts heard amongst us all.

The good , the bad , the excellent ones.

We write, i am sorry if i speak out of turn , i know i write because i have so much to say , the rest of you will have time to express yourselfs surely.

Could i ever stop ? Of couse.

Would i be less happy if i stop writing ?   YES...


So to you Dayla, my darling girl thank you for this wonderful opportunity , i hope the others catch on pretty quickly so here is more names.

  Avante guapa,



The End

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