A story About Our Fellow Authors

Hello boys and girls please sit and listen, to something that hopefully

All of you will find intriguing,

So please sit and listen closely.

For weeks I have been pondering,

Here in my home by my computer,

Just full on wondering,

How can I make all contribute to something fun

And hopefully exciting?


This was when it hit me, why don't we play a game?

For those brave enough to join,

This game won't be so tame.


I dare you to write in here and show me quite clear,

What each of you think of the writer before you,

How perhaps you came upon their writing,

And why they have become, to Protagonize, so dear.


I do ask though, of you this little thing,

Let us be polite, manners are a must,

And may I remind you,

If you've got nothing nice to say,

Then do not say anything at all.

Let's keep it clean, polite, and understanding

And please let us see you being creative!

The End

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