Chapter 4 Out And About

 I drove around parts of L.A. for a couple of hours until I saw a beautiful beach ahead. I parked on the gravel parking lot that was empty except for one car. I figured the beach wasn't busy because the weather was now colder and it was supposed to rain. I got out of the car and started down a rocky path towards the beach, the sand was stretched far a long the water and stopped at a small cliff. I smelled the salty air and walked towards a bolder by the water. I took off my sandals and put my bare feet into the icy cold water and I got the chills through my body. I sat there with my feet in the water for a couple of minutes just staring at the waves crashing against the other rocks. Suddenly I heard quiet footsteps in the sand I turned around and saw Josh Cannon.

"Hey" He smiled

"Hey, what are you doing here?"

"I usually come here on days like today when nobody else is here"

"why is that?"

"Its more peaceful and easier for me, with fans and all"

"oh i see"

"Don't you find that water cold on your feet?"


"But yet you stay that way?"

"Well where I've never seen the ocean or felt it before"

 "Really? oh wow." Josh stepped forward a little "may I sit with you?"


We talked for a while and he asked me questions about myself, the whole time I was screaming inside knowing this was so unbelievibly lucky for me to be hanging out with my celebrity crush! Minute’s later rain started to pour down on us and we ran quickly under a tree near the parking lot.

“Oh great, what are we going to do now?”  I groaned

“I know, we can go to my favourite café and get some hot chocolate” Josh said with excitement.

“Sounds good.” I agreed.

Josh offered to take me in his car and drive me back to mine later because I didn’t know where we were going. His car was really nice and still had that new car smell that still lingered in my car. Josh turned on the radio to a rock station and his new song “Alive” was playing.

“Hey, its your song awesome” I cheered.

Josh chuckled and turned up the stereo and we both sang along.

“Wow you have a really nice voice” Josh said


“Do you perform?”

“No I wish”

“Maybe someday you will”


When we arrived at the café I read the sign, Grano de café.

“Nice name, what does it mean?” I asked Josh.

“Coffee bean”

“Do you speak Spanish”

“Not fluently”

We walked inside and I smelled French vanilla and coffee, I looked around it was small but was really pretty with nice decorations and a Spanish theme. Josh ordered two large hot chocolates with whipped cream and chocolate sprinkles and he insisted on paying.

I wondered if this was sort of like a date, just the thought of it made me almost faint it was just like a dream. The hot chocolate was delicious; I sipped on it as josh asked me questions about living in Ontario. The entire time I was thinking about how amazing he looked and how he was so perfect.

      When the rain stopped Josh Drove me to my car and we said goodbye. Something surprised me before I got into my car Josh asked for my number I put it into his phone and he put his in mine, yup this was definitely a dream come true.


The End

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