Chapter 3 Surprise

The next morning was sunday, I woke up to my cellphone playing my favourite song "Heartbreaker" by josh cannon of course. I checked the ID it was Melanie.

"hey! whats up?" I said

"Me? whats up with you! you were supposed to call me when you finished unpacking"

"Im sorry, I guess I was tired"

"Its all good, so tell me about your new house, neighbors,  *cough* josh cannon"

"Alright, well my house is pretty awesome, not to brag or anything. I already explored the neighborhood"

"sweet, and..."

"and what?"

"did you find out what house josh cannon lives in?"

"well, not only did I figure that out, I met him!"

"What! and you didn't tell me right away?"

"well I was saving the best for last"

"haha well thats really exciting, want to give him my number?"

"nah i'll pass!"

"hey! that was rude"

"I know"

"Well I'll call you tonight or tomorrow because I have to go babysit"

"Okay bye miss you!"

"Bye miss you too!"

"Skylar!" I heard my mom call from downstairs.

"Yeah mom?"

"Can you come down here for a minute?"

"ok" I ran downstairs and to my surprise my mom was holding car keys in my face.

"here" she said dropping them in my hands, take it for a spin" She pointed to a silver volvo car in the driveway.

"oh my gosh thank you so much!"

My mom gave me a hug and I ran out to test drive.

The End

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