Chapter 2 Greetings

The house was a two story bungalow with white siding and black shingeled roof. A brick path lead to a big gray painted door. There were two four pane widows on both sides of the front door and smaller windows which were the bedrooms. The backyard was a big spaced area with trees surrounding it like a circle, an underground pool fenced in the middle. The inside was beautiful, painted autumn shades of beige and red. Chestnut coloured slate tiles made the floor and staircase that lead upstairs to the bedrooms. My bedroom was a perfect size for my bed, desk, computer and dresser. It was painted my favourite colour blue, a light blue more like the sky.

The next day I woke up relieved that everything was set up in the house and there would be no more unpacking to do. I had a quick shower then went into my room to change. I picked out my favourite outfit, denim cropped jacket, brown tank and blue skinny jeans. I threw my hair up in a messy bun and added some maskara and eyeliner to my eyes, followed by some foundation. Breakfast was ready when I came downstairs, I sniffed the sweet air of bacon, eggs and toast with marmelade. I ate quickly then brushed my teeth, planning to go for a walk and explore the neighborhood. I wasn't quite sure where I was going as I stepped outside feeling the warm summer breeze. The sky was clear, with few puffy white clouds which was perfect. As I walked down my street I began to wonder what house the famous rockstar Josh Cannon lived, I studied each house as I slowly passed them not sure what I was looking for. Then I saw him. He was walking into his front yard looking directly at me, I wasn't sure what to do, wave or smile?

He called out a simple "hey" that startled me. I smiled and waved because I couldn't decide which one was best. I was beginning to pass his house when he came towards me.

"Josh Cannon, and you must be the new neighbor am I right?" He said shaking my hand.

"yes, well my parents and I, I'm Skylar Kimble." I replied.

"Well it was very nice meeting you, Skylar." 

"nice meeting you too, rockstar."  

He was just about to walk away when he suddenly turned around to face me. "So you know who I am"

"Of course, I'm a big fan"

"Thank you, I'm used to screaming fans, but're...."


"Yes, different but in a good way, you're cool."

"Well thanks"

"I'll see you around then"



I waved then headed down the street some more a million thoughts running through my head about what just happend. I met Josh Cannon and he thought I was cool!    

The End

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