A Starstruck Love

I was listening to my ipod on the plane ride to Los Angeles. My parents decided they wanted to move from Ontario Canada to L.A. because they always wanted to live there. I was very excited not just because I was going to live in my favourite city but also because we were moving next door to my favourite singer Josh Cannon and his band. My mothers clothing line for women was very successful and we now had a lot more money so my parents picked a rich neighbor hood.

"Skylar, will you pass me some gummie worms?" my mom said while waving her hand infront my face, I spaced out and I often do that. 

I handed her the container of gummie worms then noticed that I ate almost all of them. Embarrassed I turned around to look out the window to forget about it. I've always loved food and I usually eat more than I should but my high motabolism keeps my secret. I stared to think about my bestfriend Melanie that lived next door to me and I felt sad that I wouldn't get to see her again. Ofcourse we promised to call eachother as much as we could and talk over IM with out webcams and mics too but it still would never be the same. I set my mind to something positive to keep from tearing up so being an obsessive fan I stared to think about Josh Cannon. His warm brown eyes, brown curly hair, cute smile and everything else about him made me melt even though I never met him and couldn't attend any of his concerts. I was lost in my train of thought until I got a tap on my shoulder from my dad.

"We should be landind soon" He said.

"good, I can't wait any longer" I chirped taking off my earphones to listen to the captain speek on the intercom.

"We will be landing in approximately 10 minutes so please secure your seatbelts and fold away all trays and possition your chairs upright, thank you and I hope you enjoyed your flight."

Finally I thought then feeling the plane tilt to turn made my stomach churn. I didn't like to fly and never have but for most of the flight I was lost in excitement. I put my ipod and  the gummie worms away in my carryon and waiting for the plane to land.

Being stuck in traffic in the rented car on our way to the new house was unbearable. I sighed and stared out the car window at the accedent ahead of us. I couldn't help but giggled seeing the two drivers argue faces tomato red and eye brows furrowed.

I turned my  attention to the moving cars ahead relieved that we were finally moving. 10 minutes later we were driving down a long paved road, my dad driving and mumbelling street names and house numbers we passed until finally we arrived at our destination, our new home.


The End

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