A silent godbye to absence life

In life saying goodbye to a way of life is like a death in the family...

I walk a path in life i like to think is the most correct for me...

 I dont try to impose this way of living to others or to even my sons,i would like to share some tougths on it.

Pay you dews,bills,rent,shoping for your daily food,keep some money for any emergency,and always treat you every so often,nothing too expensive maybe a book.

Say to those who matter,i love you daily,be there for those who dont.

Be kind,life is always a bad place to live these days...

I seat at home in my one chair,now i have one chair in my living room because i have finally realise one thing they are not coming back ..

I do live alone by choice  and now i know why i am angry all the time.

The End

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