Scene 5
 Young Gabrielle is curled up in a little cupboard.

Narrator(s): 28th November. Grannie's cupboard. New diary.

Dear diary,
I'm hiding in Grannie's cupboard. She didn't mind me being in her when she was alive so I guessed she wouldn't mind now. The time? Well let's just say it's not the twenty-eighth any more.

Young Gabrielle: (points at a china dove a china dove) I used to covet these. Now I can't touch them. It's like it's her soul preserved, like in the diary. It's because her name was Dovie. Dovie Dorethea Lyle, nee Byrde.

Narrator(s): She was beautiful. (Grannie enters and kneels beside Young Gabrielle) She had long grey hair, always in a bun except at night when she let it down. Her blue twinkling eyes. She always wore silky nighties and floaty dresses.

Young Gabrielle: Then her hair was messy and left loose. Her floaty dresses disappeared into the cupboard. She never played in the garden anymore. I write this so the diary knows what became of its owner, who disappeared. Then a starnge new one with similar hands starts. Poor confused diary. (Gabrielle starts sobbing and Grannie comforts her)

Narrator(s): I got lost in town today and made a new friend. He's very poor but I'm going to help him. He looked starved. Mum and Dianna wouldn't be impressed. Mum would be worried about me going to the slums. Dianna would scorn me for making such poor friends.

Dianna doesn't understand anything about being kind and thoughtful. She's naive and thinks that if her hair is okay, then everything is. She'll just trot along behind Ebony-Rai and do anything like a willing little puppy.

Young Gabrielle: (to Grannie) So you see? Only you can know this.

(Grannie smiles and nods)

Oh how I wish you weren't just a figment of imagination now!

The End

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