Scene 4
Gabrielle wakes up on floor next to bed. Puts on coat, mittens and wellies. Gabrielle walks for a long time. Sees a sign saying Cotton Way.

Gabrielle: Cotton Way? Never heard of that before. Where am I? Which way did I come from? Oh dear!

Dominick: Hello? You alright? (Gabrielle freezes) Are you alright?

(Gabrielle turns)

You looked lost..

Gabrielle: Yes, I am lost. Can you tell me how to get back to Greenbottle street? I don't know the centre of the city well.

Dominick: You shouldn't be around here. You're too young to be prowling round a part of toen like this. And I should think you don't know it well if you live in a place like Greenbottle Street.

Gabrielle: I'm no younger than you! I'm elevn years old!

Dominick: I win, I'm twelve. Shortness is in the family. My brother is taller than me but my sister was this height until she was fourteen! I'll grow, and my voice will break tto sometime. Then people might take me seriously.

Gabrielle: Of course, girls are supposed to grow quicker than boys anyhow. At least Grannie said so.. (Her voice is chocked on the last few words).

Dominick: Hey, don't worry. I'm sure your Grannie wouldn't like to see you crying. What's you name?

Gabrielle: I'd rather not say. Would you mind directing me back to Greenbottle Street? I'm late for breakfast you see.

Dominick: Lucky you, breakfast. I got to work for mine. We can't afford it. My dad works in a fialing garage and my mum is a part-time checkouteer. I do odd jobs for dodgy looking men.

Gabrielle: Oh how awful! I'll give you a pound, it's all I've got or I'd give more, just direct me home please.

Dominick: No, I'll do it for nothing. Left at the bottom of Cotton Way, Right at the end there, and straight on for seven streets. Left when you come to the bridge.

Gabrielle: Take this, please. You need it more than I do. (Hands him a coin and leaves)

The End

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