Scene 2
Young Gabrielle sits with her back on a gravestone in a forgotten, isolated graveyard, writing in an old book. The Narrator stands to the side of the stage reading an extract from a very old book.

Narrator(s): 27th November, The Graveyard, New Diary.

Dear Diary,
I ruined Gramp's birthday party. Well, Di and I did. We were so childish but it's my fault because Di can't help it. Running away is a contemplation. But I can't leave my family because they are family and I do love them. Giving up the last potato to my sister won't make me.

A little sister truly is a curse and we never did get on well. Di is outgoing and makes friends easily, including two of the king's granddaughters, who are in her year at school. They're complete royal totties, and Di plays her posh well-bred friends with sickening affection. They all hate me from the bottom of their shallow little hearts.

Michaela: (On the phone to friend) She's a colourless flower, our Gabrielle. I tell you Mary. She has a talent for invisibility. It's just a good job we have Darling Dianna to make up for her.

Narrator(s): Grannie was my sympathiser. and the graveyard is my haven. She made apricot cookies and we told each other everything. Now, family trees anre pretty much all I'm interested in. The graveyard is just out the back gate and down the lane, with the over-grown bracken and over the gate. She gave me this diary the day she died. That was the most alive I'd ever seen her. She got Dementia five months before she died. Then she did die.

Young Gabrielle: I don't often cry. The sky does it for me. I can talk to her too. Out loud or in my head or in the diary. She always replies.

(Grannie enters and sits next to Gabrielle)

Young Gabrielle: Hello Grannie

(Grannie smiles)

Young Gabrielle: I finished the diary you gave me.

Grannie: And you started writing in mine.

Young Gabrielle: (looks down) yes.

Narrator(s): The last entry Grannie wrote in it was before the day we found her humming. Amazing Grace over and over again. The day before she lost her mind. The first was when she was eleven.

Young Gabrielle: Same as me! (pause) I promise I won't read any of your entries Grannie.

Narrator(s): But Grannie's not here any more. She's under that cold slab of stone, cold and clammy as the rain sifts through the earth, buried without oxygen, not breathing, lifeless, dead. That makes me alone.

I'd better get back to the party. If I'm missed I may be spoiling it more than before. On the other hand, maybe it's better I stay away.

The End

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