I saw this post off Tumblr by black-and-gold-blues, and I thought "Well hey! This is a great idea," so the idea of this work goes entirely to them! Thank you!


"So I think someone needs to write Cinderella as a fangirl.

Her stepsisters go to the ball and she's like, "Cool, now I can catch up on Supernatural."

But then her fairy godmother wants her to socialize.

So she goes to the ball wearing sneakers, and it turns out the prince is a closet-fanboy. So when he sees them, he says, "I like your shoelaces," and she says, "Thanks, I stole them from the president," and he freaks out.

And when she leaves without giving him her name, he just goes around the kingdom telling all the fair madiens he likes their shoelaces until he finds the girl who knows."


Your wish will be granted...


The End

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