A young man finds himself entangled with diversions that chock his primary purpose of starting college.
He has little control over this as he is brought to his knees by a dominatrix.
Daddy on the other hand is at home with his friends drinking to the joy of his sons progress in school as he reaches height daddy never reached.
But he comes to his senses and decides to break lose.

Oh jeez!! This guy is crazy.

He’s had me on the edge. I can’t escape this.

I keep looking, axe in my hand and feet strong enough……

but the fight surrenders to the execution of a devious plan.

Stuck in my pants, he pulls out my pubic grass.

O it tingles me!! Almost always trying to pee in my pants.

The feeling is sweet as it descends from a climax

Haha, I can’t say its exaggeration, and this is not creativity either.

It’s far from this obvious thought while it walks away from truth.

This is the irony that triggers the curiosity in you my reader pal.

Daddy stays in his unroofed perforated yacht drinking beer with his colleague dancers.

He blabs with pride. O man, my boy is swinging from a sea saw right above us, dancing like the rain, a master of too many lands.

He’s light he says, flying like a smoke unequally matched and unstoppable as he soars.

I’m overwhelmed by your judgements you out there. This is fishy isn’t it?

You are far away yet you think you are home.

They cheer daddy up; and his smile has no end. They are just perfect yet,

I’m holding on to these tools that have become weight, retarding my arms force.

Each pull pricks me and makes me feel like a puppet.

I stare and watch like a toothless bulldog as the warriors dance with the masters.

Indeed, it’s a funny feeling for this was not daddy’s plan.

These are not his dreams

These are not what his friends are hailing and cheering.

OH boy, this rodent is hairy; deliberately delving deep downward a delicate den.

Its teeth are sharp yet it chooses to pull. This is the result of the infrared that travels by heat emission.

I hold on to flowers so I can’t be receptive towards the seekers.

I’m shy and I freaking hate this shit.

I’m looking at the stars as the blood in me boils under zero degree. I dread the fruits of tomorrow.

There is a war coming but the battle field awaits me no more.

The threshold of vigilance and alacrity lies uncrossed by my tiny wavering legs.

I preach not my inabilities but the result of this marvelous but crazy con.

I can’t kill it. It’s in control……..

Maybe it’s time to stare, observe when the tides take turns, switching from

Top to down and gradually dying away.

I’m intrigued by the abilities of this tiny mighty guy.

Like a praying mantis, I have got to wait as a monk in patience.

Nature is beauty in disguise yeah

The party of catching a butterfly is but a chase of the wind.

The possibility of a slim chance of success is the patience of the still waters.

The temptation is just so strong. It lands peacefully like a weightless tissue under point zero one gravity.

Its time……..to poison this rat, AND I MEAN IT.

The End

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