A Rant from an relatively impishly bold nobody

Friends, Ficleters, Protagonizers, led me your ears.  I know I am but a newcomer, however I feel I should express my sentiments.  I am unsure whether or not they are felt by my other Ficleting counterparts, but it cannot be known unless it is out there for consideration.

I had poked around this site after hearing about it in a discussion of the demise of Ficlets, not knowing what to really expect.  There was quite the migration in the past few weeks, and I decided to join, so as to further investigate.

They say the first impressions are the lasting ones.

It may be because I'm new and haven't had considerable time to really dig through this site, but I'm unsure whether or not I should waste my time.  I'm continually lost in a maze of superflouous notifications, disheveled lists, and unfamiliar people.  The latter is explainable, as I have been here mere days.  But I'm not exactly sure the difficulty in navigation is as excuseable.  "It's new territory, you just have to get to know it," one might say.  But, frankly, I'm not sure if I want to get to; I feel like I've stumbled in, a stranger, uninvited, looked down upon.

As if I don't belong.

And that's just the architechture talking.

Now, I cannot speak about the familiar characters that haunt the site because I have not yet stumbled upon any.  I can only speak for what I know.

Maybe sound like I'm just a whiny little -insert name here-.  But I need to let people know what I'm thinking, whether the people like it or not.

I will attempt to wade through the massive, cold confusion, try to be amiable, let go of the past.  Maybe I just need someone to walk me through things, show me around a bit.

I can learn to like something.


Unfortunately, I think the shelf life of that package of "eventually" is running away.


I thank you for taking time to listen to my first impression.  I sincerely hope my words will not fall on deaf ears, I hope someone will be kind enough and care enough for the newcomer in general to assist, and I hope that some miracle can help to change my sentiments.

g2 (la pianista irlandesa)

January 6th, 2009

The End

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