A Rant and a PleaMature

I know that one must be a gentleman and all, but eventually there are some days when I can take no more injustice. Read my venting if you want, and join in if you wish.

I am sick to bloody death of these psychotic, sycophantic, sickening, mendacious, manipulative, malicious, cruel, callous and conniving bastards and bitches that walk around, acting as if they own the bloody world because they're the "best fuck" or they're the "toughest lad" or the best at sports - BAH!
I am outraged by this obscene new culture of idiocy and depravity which knows no boundaries or limits. True, the new age has brought forth magnificent advances (such as this brilliant site - I'm addicted, I tell you) - I mean, light bulbs amaze me.
All the scriptures in the Mahabarata about "mirrors eliminating the illusions of distance" - there's your FaceTime and your ChatSnap or whatever you call it.
And what do they do?
Squander it all!

But the worst of these crimes is belittling those with talent. They particularly like that. To quote McCoy:
"That's what you like, isn't it. Taking someone with a touch of individuality and imagination, and wearing them down to nothingness..."
It infuriates me to see friends - close, beloved, kind friends who I hold so dear - crushed and insulted under barrage upon barrage of slander and libel!
It sickens me to the core, I tell you.

Oh, well. That's my rant over for now. If anyone else wishes to join me and speak out against these injustices, then feel free. Otherwise, just read it or ignore it.
I just hope that somebody out there listens.
Someone kind.
Somebody who will make a difference and do something good.

I'm relying on you.

The End

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