a random scriptMature

this is my friend and I writing a script very badly, please give your comments and why not add to it with your friends/

Simian: Yo! 'sup? Hows you all?

Isabella: ummm, who the fuck are you? why are you talking to us

Simian: yo, I'm Simian whaazzzup

Isabella looks at her many friends looking very worried about this strange man

Isabella: no offence but would you please leave us alone, I mean this in the nicest way possible, nope I actually mean get the fuck out of ma face

Simian: Yo, you are just so hot I just wanted to warm myself by the fire!

Isabella: please walk away, don't look back, don't ever come near me again cause let me tell you this is one fire that will burn you as it is way too hot for you!

Simian mumbles something and walks away looking like a twat

Isabella: what the fuck was up with that guy?


The End

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