A Race You'll Never Win

It's a race.

All of it. Always has been a race.

First one to reach the end is the winner.
That's always been the rule, right? That one motive that keeps you going. The idea of  being praised, of being acknowledged, of being known.

But what do you do when there is no end?
When you're completely lost with no idea of where to go to bring this pointless running to an end.

You started your own race, your own struggle, of your own accord.
It didn't matter who won anymore because you're the only one in the race.

You tried to control everything, to make your own rules but it never worked out in the end with you tripping, falling, hurting yourself.

What's the point, now?

You're forever lost in your own game.

There's no hope.

Is there?

The End

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