Always looking back behind me, I try to see where I have travelled from; and sometimes I see mistakes that I've made to get to this point in time, in this place, right here.

I've always seen my journey in life like a roadmap - going from one place to another; the diversions merely wrong directions I took in life; my mistakes.

No one told me that life was easy - nor simple. If life was easy, my roadmap would be a straight line, heading in the same direction, never changing. We are human afterall, we make mistakes and yet we learn from them; well, there are some mistakes that I still haven't learned from, after many a year.

To go back and change those mistakes would change me as a person; what you see would be different if those mistakes never happened. But, there is one single mistake that I wish I could change, there are nights where it is the only thing I think about - it keeps me awake at night, not letting me forget it.

I was around fifteen, sixteen at the time - I missed a phone call. It may sound like a simple phone call, but to me; it was my only chance to say goodbye to someone who I wouldn't hear from again, ever. Just to say goodbye, just to pick the phone up, just to hear her words... I missed it. A brief moment in time, has had huge consequences that have rippled through my life to now; something I will never forget.

To me, that was the biggest mistake of my life, and I carry it with me to this date. If I could change that moment, just that one single moment in my past - I would, without hesitation, all to hear her words one last time...

The End

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