What I Would Change.

Okay so I'm going to keep it short, but I may add more later. 

There are numerous occasions where I wish I could go back and change things, when I think about it I can't place a single major moment where I would want to change, just the little things. 

If I could go back the things I would change would be every mess-up I've ever had, such as failing tests which I could have easily passed, made myself look and act cooler in front of my classmates, avoid making a fool of myself or saying something that I shouldn't have done. Or wishing I had said things to certain people that I should have done.

The only way I can describe it is like a test, with half the right answers and half wrong one's if I could go back I would try and "complete" this test that was Life with all the right answers. 

Then again it can't be changed, and I guess that what makes me, everyone screws up at some point so I guess now, as much I'd want to change those things I can only look forward. 

So that's it. 

(I might add specific examples later on) 

The End

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