A Final Realization

After talking with my friend for a good few hours about both our answers and this impossibly difficult question, I finally realized why it was so difficult to answer. It wasn`t due to the wording or the openness of the question. It wasn`t even due to the fact that there are usually so many different answers and reasons behind each answer. No, the reason that came to me was much more simple and and general that anyone would realize. It is because we are scared. Me, my friend and even you dear reader. We are all scared of answering it because of the emotions that it will bring out.

For some people, it may bring out feelings of sadness and loss. It might remind them of the pain that these past memories caused and how they still hurt to this day. Or it may even cause people to hope beyond hope that the past will somehow become reality and they may be able to return to their past lives and the people involved with them. For others though, it might cause joy and acceptance in what they have done in their lives. It might make them feel that each experience they have been a part of, whatever how small, has helped them along the journey of their life. 

Personally, I have felt both sides of this question`s effect. I have felt the pain and heartache of remembering the worst memories of my life and I have ached for days and days to change them just to make my life easier. And yet, I have also felt the joy and acceptance in knowing that I have learned from my experiences and that deep down, I do not want to change one single thing in my life. 

However, dear reader, I now wish to hear your stories of this question. Have you ever been faced with this question? and if so what was the occasion you thought of and would you actually change it if you had the power? I`ll set this piece as a collab so that if you want to add a page discussing your own experiences then you`ll be able too. 

I look forward to seeing what you, my fellow authors have to say :)


The End

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