A different attitude

Much like my friend, the occasion I had chosen was also a relationship one. And despite the fact that it had been a few years ago, the return of my memories left a somewhat sour taste in my mouth. I could remember it as clear as day walking into the room with her holding hands, telling her that it wasn`t working out, watching her as she accepted the break up and the feelings in my head screaming in anger in the vain hope that she might have reacted as though she had actually given a damn. 

But yet, whilst I was recounting this to my friend, I began to realize that it had been a good thing that I had left her behind in the journey of my life. I had learned a great deal from her admittedly, but I had been ready to move on, to experience other things and other people which were completely different to what her tastes and personality had been. Yes, I did have reasons like he did for wanting to go back and change the past but now, I was finally becoming happy at with the past and what had happened and how it had lead me to that moment in time. 

So when he asked me, like I had asked him, whether I would actually change it or not. I told him that I wouldn`t, I would not change one single thing. I would let everything that had happened until that point happen just like it already had. And whilst admittedly at the time, I had regretted the many occasions which would led other people to wish to go back. I knew now that I did not regret one little thing and each bit had been completely worth it.

The End

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