An Emotional Answer

After me and my friend had sat for some time, discussing which points of our life would be worth going back and changing, we both settled on two occasions. For him, it had been a few months before, when him and his partner had been head over heels in love with each other. As he talked about this, I could see in his eyes the desperate yearning he had to go back and stop what had gone wrong and to live in the bliss of those beautiful months forever. When I asked him why he had chosen this moment, out of all of the forgettable memories he had lived through in his life, he simply stated that it had hurt him the most. 

And it was then, at the end of my friend`s painful answer, did I realize how truly difficult and upsetting this question could be to any normal human being. Behind the wall of sarcasm and fake joy in his voice, I could see that my friend was clinging onto this answer like a lifeline, hoping and praying that perhaps his answer would come true even though deep down he knew it would not happen. This question had opened up a well of false hope, a well that my friend would be able to close soon. 

It was then that I decided to ask him the most pivotal question out of this entire discussion. I asked him that if he was given the power to go back and do what he told me, would he go and do it? After a moment of thought, he told me that he would. And that he would make sure that nothing ruin this attempt. He then asked me for my occasion and I knew in that moment that my answer was going to completely different to his.

The End

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