It Takes Courage

Some people seem to think that killing yourself is a cowardly thing to do.

I used to agree. I was one of the people who went "Pfft. Killing yourself is stupid." Of course, it is.

Although, could you kill yourself? That is not a challenge by the way.

I know a lot of people who have attempted it. My friend has waited by a train track twice in the hope that she would get the courage to step forward and wait on the track for the train to come. Another friend has tried everything; from trying to keep herself underwater to hanging herself to taking a variety of drugs to putting a knife to her wrist - she is still living and breathing today.

I think that to attempt suicide is cowardly. I know the feeling when you just want to.. get away. End it all because the world would be a better place without you or because you are just so unbelievably tired of having to wake up every morning. Having to go to school. Maybe the person in question gets bullied and each comment they hear about makes them hate themselves more. They also have suicidal friends and some of their family members have died recently. They have a mental disability which is the main cause of their bullying problem and they have never reached the grades they want because instead of doing homework at night they spend their nights crying because they just don't know how to stop.
I made that a lot more dramatic than I meant to.
Okay, say they're just getting bullied and they hate themselves. So they get a knife and run it down their vein. They cry out in agony and so they do not press it down too hard. Blood still trickles down their arm and perhaps that is enough for them, for now. So they start cutting themselves? Irrelevant. My point is, that stopping. You either kill yourself or you don't. I'm not saying I want people to kill themselves but honestly, why try if you are going to back out when you get scared?

It is cowardly to turn to killing oneself I suppose, to choose to kill yourself - that is the cowardly part. The moment when somebody decides to run away from their life. It is like if you have an argument at home and, instead of trying to sort it out, you just open the door and run out of the house. Considering, at this point, you are not thinking about how scary it is outside (where there are rapists and murderers and darkness covering the streets of where you live) you are simply thinking of getting away, this is intensely cowardly.

But actually killing yourself, that takes courage.
Getting in a bath and purposefully lying face-down until you pass out and eventually - in your unconscious state - breathe in the water and drown.
Hanging a make-shift noose from something and actually taking that step off of whatever is holding you between life and death so that you are unable to go back, unable to change your mind.
Hitting the vein and letting yourself bleed out.
Pulling the trigger.
Taking the pills and fighting through the pain.

That is where the true courage lies.

I know so many people who have attempted suicide but I do not know one person who has actually committed it. 

The End

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