There is Joy to be brought

There is something that I love to do besides my writing of course.  I love spoiling my little step niece.  In my eyes she is my niece, even though she's  my sister's soon to be step daughter.  I don't see her as anything but my niece.  It's a wonderful thing making her smile by teaching her the little things and by letting her play with my old Barbies and stuffed animals.  She is so precious.  Bringing her joy certainly brings extreme joy to me.  She calls me her Auntie Meg.  I have a thing when it comes to small children.  If they are under the age of 4 or 5  and they have certain degrees of being whiny, forget it, I have no choice but to leave the room and not have any contact with them at all.  When it comes to the Munchkin aka my niece, she's extremely non whiny and tolerable.  In fact I kind of adore her.  There are children in the family who are spoiled so  badly and whine so much that they drive other members of the family away completely.  Though personally the joy of seeing a happy Munchkin makes up for all the sadness and grief that spoiled rotten whiny tots bring to those who are not young child tolerant aka folks like me.  It's good when I do get to see the Munchkin.  Her cuteness makes me .   If only I could see her more often than I currently do. 

The End

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