A piece of Meg's Mind part 2

As I write I find solace and peace.  Writing has been a wonderful way for me to relax whenever life sends too many stressful things my way. As I get older and have more life experience writing about the things I've encountered gets easier to share with others.   Once I get an idea that I really want to explore the possible outcomes of, I write it down as soon as it hits my thoughts.  If I have the inspiration I'll usually write until I have what I've seen  play out in my mind.  If the scene of part is complete I will stop writing and come back later to add more to my work.   At this point in my writings I have been collaborating with my dearest friend as well as working on several solo projects.  One of my favorite things that I find writing about is my personal experiences with Bipolar Disorder and general mental health issues.  I can draw from my experiences and help others who have some of the same problems as I do and give them hope that they too can prosper and be happy. I have found that when I can't sleep and am traveling that I get the most work done in my writings. It's generally like this when I go to visit my grandfather on my mom's side of the family in West Virginia.  Insomnia is a bad thing yet writing usually helps with that.  I am going to try to actually complete the National Novel Writing Month challenge this year.  last year was an epic fail for me because I just couldn't find the motivation and inspiration that I desperately needed to complete the challenge.  50,000 words in a month for one piece of work seems daunting but this year I feel confident that I can do it.   

The End

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