A penny for your thoughts

Who are you? simple question, simple answers.

yet no response...no quick whimisical hipster response...

because let's be real , flashbacks fill your head up like helium rises up a balloon.

and we all know if we add  too much helium, pop goes the balloon.

Riddle me this , How does it feel like when you obliviated all remnants  of who you use to be?

Do you feel empty? soulless? lonely? depressed? insane? 

What keeps you awake at night ? 

The very true fact that, you cannot recognize who you use to be....

Nothing will every be the same , you will never be the same you. 

You keep running away from all your fears, making excuses, constantly being reluctantly 

in denial......wishing that ....whatever you did in your past will not haunt you but it will...

but at the end of the day........the question is not who you are?

It is who you chose to be...

Who ever you are , where ever you are, I dare you to stop contemplating 

yourself, and start living C:

The End

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