A Note To A Friend (Yes, You, Julie)

Well, this is just to say, how something some people can be... I put something because I have no word for that word that I need when I call these people that. It's a mixture of incredibly infuriating, completely crazy and annoyingly awesome. Julie. Yes, you. I am talking to you on two places while listening to that song that you recommended, "I will follow you into the dark" by Death Cab for Cutie. It's actually a cool song, other than that god-awful one by Lissie. It is rather sad. Now, I know your blonde and this is rather a lot to take in... (By the way, I was only joking about the infuriating bit.. or was I?) Doesn't matter really. You did a great job of how you put it, "freaking me out". And yes, Charlie did tell me. I was playing along. So I guess you lost that one. =) And yes on this website I do use = when I do smileys not : because you can't really see that on here... Anyway, I hope you've had fun. Bye!
The End

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