A Monologue of MurderMature

The confession of a murderer with multiple personality disorder.

This short scene was to be included in a past collaboration, but unfortunately it died before I had the chance to post it. So I've decided to post this as a short scene of its own.
(Connor is a killer with multiple personality disorder, stuck in an asylum; Nancy is a nurse at said asylum.)


NANCY: It's not good to keep everything inside.

CONNOR: But if I let her out, she'll get away.


CONNOR: My best friend. I loved her.

NANCY: Connor. She's dead. You killed her.

CONNOR: She's still here. I can't let her go.

NANCY: She's gone, Connor.

CONNOR, tears coming down his cheeks now: She's still here. I see her face and I feel her presence and I hear her laughter. She's here.

NANCY: When do you see her?

CONNOR: Every day. And every night. But she's coming less often.

NANCY: Is she here now?


NANCY: Why not?

CONNOR: You scare her. This whole place scares her away from me.

NANCY: Why don't you want to let her go? They say that if you love something, it's better to let it free.

A silence follows.

CONNOR, slowly: When they took me away, they wouldn't let me turn around to see her one last time before she was buried. They said she was gone. But I kept her with me so I could see her again. Pause. I can't forget that smile, or all I'll see is her blood on my hands.

The End

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