The Girl

the burned conscience

I looked through a  textbook.

I saw a photo.

It was a girl.

She had released rather inappropriate photos of herself.

photos that went around.

She couldn’t take the shame

So she took her life.


I judged her.

I thought

“Oh, another shallow, slutty girl who didn’t know how to handle the internet.”

“Another popular punk.”


Then I looked.

I saw her Birthday.


In another nicer world,

I would be a day older than her.

In this world:

I’m a few years older than her corpse.


Damning moment….damning….


I saw it.

I saw it in the beaches.

I charge up the beach as the machine guns of life throw everything they have at us.


I see myself trip on a rock.

I see her get off the same boat as me.

I see her cut down.

I see her mangled.


Then the guns stop.

Then the silence roars.

Then Life approaches the girl

Life speaks:

“Peace, release, freedom…”


Then Life gives her a rope.

The End

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