Alternate World

 We are living in a world

Where humanity and morality must be heroes

Battling against


with honesty and love


The black smoke of


becomes comfortable

If one can tolerate

Breathing it

Carrying it

It engulfs and surrounds

 Like a heavy glove

With an iron grip


Instead of casting it off!

We stew in our sorrows

our deep seated lamentations

and wait for someone else

To stand up straight and take a risk.


When will you have enough?

of the dead

broken hearts


“the way it is”

To pray with your neighbors and friends

Show God your scars

and prayerfully take any first small step

To create light and allow God to vanquish darkness

through a collective you?


Life is given to the meekest,

 who show love and care

in the midst of despair.



To tolerate chaos and disorder

To kill to revenge

To seek vengeance instead of forgiveness

To commit suicide

To War

To be victims


We can also choose


The End

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