A World

We are living in a world

Where humanity and morality are forgotten

Living on a hope of improvement

Waiting for this change but doing nothing to improve

Living a disordered life under a veil called rights and freedom

Being controlled to whom has the authority and power


In this world,

Life is given to the strongest,

Authority is with who has the power,

And the weak struggles to live another day in this world.


The black smoke engulfing us

Surrounding us with chaos and disorder

Steal to eat

Beg to live

Kill to revenge

Think of vengeance instead of forgiving

Commit a suicide to escape a life full of misfortunes


A tear of a child

Standing in front the ruin

A ruptured heart of a mother

Kneeling in front of her children corpses

They were the victims of a war


Another war and new victims,

Blood of humans being wasted in death

A new orphan and a new widow

People losing their families, memories and love

And hate, regret and sorrow replacing them


I'm just anxious to know which direction we are going

Questioning about a chaotic world

And wondering if love and harmony would ever conquer the world again

The End

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