Arriving Home

Epilogue: In which we arrive home ....

“Where thou art, that is home.”

I sit in my room with the shells I collected on my drawer. I can feel the sunburns on my back. They are painful, but I take them as souvenirs. My lips are little a little raw from the salt-water but when I lick them, they aren’t salty anymore. When I first climbed out of the car, I felt an extreme blast of hot air in my face. It was so much hotter here than it was at the beach. I tried to stay out of the sun as much as possible as I rush to unpack everything. Taking a proper shower never felt so good and I finally got rid of the stickiness in my hair. Dinner was quick and short. It was 8pm already. I lie down on my bed tired from a good trip. In my mind, I go through all of the events that happened this weekend. But, I ended up repeating one quote in my mind over and over again as I fell asleep:
There really is no place like home after a long exciting trip.

The End

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