A Little Hope

This is something that happened to me this morning and I can't stop thinking about it. I felt the need to share.

As always, I was in a rush to get to work this morning. Even on a Sunday, my routine doesn't change. Wake up, Shower, Get Dressed, Crate the animals, run out the door. 

But, it seemed like the morning where everything feels the need to go monumentally wrong. I woke up fifteen minutes late. My water heater was out, leaving me with no hot water for a shower. I couldn't find any proper clothes for work as I had forgotten to put my wet clothes in the dryer the night before.  To top it all off, none of the animals seemed to want to get in their crates. I finally gave up and let them have run of the apartment. Most mornings I don't have time for breakfast; much less a cup of coffee and today was no exception. I often don't even get hungry in the morning anymore. 

This morning, my stomach had other plans. I felt like my stomach was about to dissolve my spine, so I pulled into a local fast food joint, hoping to snag something quick to eat. I walk in, wait in line, and finally place my order. The place was empty as it was an early Sunday morning. I reached into my bag to get my wallet and pay the clerk, but there was no wallet to be found. 

Distraught and a little more than overwhelmed by the day so far, I pushed back tears as I began to tell the clerk to cancel my order. I nearly jumped out of my skin when an older man laid a hand on my shoulder and told the clerk that he would be paying today. I smiled at the man, crying as I thanked him, asking what I could do for him in return. All he asked was that I pay the kindness forward, so that someone else could feel a little better on a rainy day. 

The man didn't quite know it, but he truly gave me a little hope.

The End

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