I love summer vacation.  The school year had ended uneventfully, and with only three months of freedom before the next semester started, my calendar was packed with everything that I wanted to accomplish.  There was one day I received a phone call from Geoff asking if I wanted to hang out, but I had to say no because I was already so busy with important things like playing video games all night with my friends and going swimming down in the lake during the day.  He never called me back, and I felt pretty guilty knowing that he probably thought that I was blowing him off just like everyone else did.  But I had no time to dwell on the urgings of my conscience, time was running out and I had so many things I wanted to do before school started back up again.

It was in those months that I first got to know her.  She was a part of the Movie Group, a group of twelve or so friends that met every Friday night all summer long to watch a movie at someones house.  She was beautiful, with deep blue eyes that looked so compassionate, big red lips and bold eyebrows, and long golden-brown hair that curled into little ringlets as it fell over her perfect chest.  Though that alone was plenty enough to attract me, she happened to also be intelligent, kind, respectful, humble, playful, joyful, and popular.  And for some reason that I just could't understand, she seemed to actually like me!  I was not attractive by any stretch of the word; I was as skinny as a stick, my usually pale skin was red and peeling from too many hours under the sun, my laugh was loud and obnoxious, my face looked like a World War II battlefield with shell marks scattered all over it, and I was rather nerdy.  My only remarkable features were my bluish-grey eyes, which were always covered by my bangs, and my platinum-blond hair which was always greasy and way too long.

Nonetheless we began to spend time together outside of the Movie Group, and by the end of summer we were dating.  She cut my hair short but left the bangs long and swept them to one side, yet what would have been an emo cut for most people seemed pretty unique with my blond hair and positive demeanor.  I started to care more about what I looked like, and by the time school rolled around I had bulked up a little from working out, my sun-burned skin had healed and faded into a light tan, and my face was looking much cleaner.  That homecoming we were voted Junior Prince and Princess.  We had lots of friends, were doing well in school, and life couldn't have been better.  At least for me.

I never really talked to Geoff anymore.  I pulled some strings and got myself switched over into her homeroom.  In the hallways when I saw him I said hey and asked him how he was doing, but both he and I knew that I didn't really want him to answer anything but good.  I treated him much like everyone else treated him, I was never outright mean to him, but I made no effort to talk with him and there were times when I could see he was worked up and went out of my way to avoid him so as to not feel obligated to listen to him.  The year passed by rather quickly, and before I knew it summer had begun once again.  I had betrayed my friend, one of my only friends who had cared about me even before I was popular and cool.  I knew I had betrayed him, and I didn't even care.  After all, he wouldn't really even understand because he was a retard.

The End

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