Pasta Day

It was pasta day (the best day of the month).  Geoff was in the back of the line when I walked up, his jaw gapping and even when I said hi to him he didn't turn to look at me.  I repeated my greeting, thinking he probably just hadn't heard me.

"Ask me, ask me, did you see, did you, did you see the-the dress that Adel is, that Adel is wearing today?

"Did you see the dress that Adel is wearing today?"

"Ya... why is she, why she wearing that dress today?"

I looked over and saw the girl he was talking about.  She was pretty, a short, slender girl with pale white skin and straight dark hair pulled back into a pony tail.  Her eyebrows were bold, her lips were red, and she was wearing a tiny black dress that she was constantly either pulling up to try and cover her cleavage, or down to keep it below her but, yet succeeding in neither venture.

"I don't know, Geoff.  Maybe she had a presentation today."

"An-and why, why is she wearing those, those funny slipper?"

He was pointing at her feet, adorned with decorative golden flip-flops.  While he was doing so she looked over at him rather menacingly.  I think she had already gotten far more male attention than she had bargained on.

"They're just fancy looking flip-flops."  I responded, trying to think of a way to change the subject.

"Adel, Adel and I used to be neh-neh, used to be neighbors once.  Quite, quite a while ago."  He was still staring at her as he talked.  I could tell this was making her uncomfortable, but she was waiting in line for a sub sandwich and had nowhere to hide.  "I almost, I almost rode in her car once, and then, and then, and, and then, and then she said no.  Why, why did, ask me why did she say no?"

"Why did she say no?"

"I don't know!" he said, shrugging his shoulders.  "Maybe, maybe she was juh-just having a bad day."  There was a pause.  Then quietly added, "I, I think I, I think I wah-want to, want to kiss Adel."

I was rather shocked.  She was pretty, that was true.  But Geoff had just been telling me how she had been mean to him, then he suddenly starts saying that he wants to kiss her?

"Ask me, ask me thats probably not a, prob-probably not a good idea, Geoff."

"Thats probably not a good idea Geoff."

"I, I was trying to ride, ride in her car after, after, after the dance, but she-she said I should ride in my dad's car.  But I wanted to ride, wanted to ride in her car.  But ask me, ask me, she was just, she was just hav-having a bad day."

"Ya," I sighed, "probably just having a bad day."  A lot of people have bad days, quite often it seemed.  Just  then Eric, Adel's egocentric boyfriend came up and gave her a long hug and a quick kiss, then just stood in line with his hand on her but.  Geoff turned away.

"I don't, I don't like that."  He said angrily.  "Ask me, ah-ask me, I get that, I get that feeling."

"Ya, I understand how that feels Geoff."  That was the truth.  I understood more than he knew.

The End

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