The second eldest, Benjamin symbolises the change in reflection of Costello values over the new generation. Whilst he knew to act in the Costello Platoon when asked, Benjamin places the care of his family over everything else. It was no surprise, then, that he ended up marrying one of the women desperate for Costello blood.

Flirty Aimee Lincoln became Mrs. Aimee Costello in the Spring of Benjamin’s 20th year. The match was highly praised by all – families, spectators, press – which was surprising as, although moneyed, Aimee possesses no manners of the upper class. She is the dithering, flattering girl as direct foil to Aidelle.

However, it is clear that, in contrast to Stuart’s subdued relationship, Benjamin adores his wife. He shows the positive of a Costello arranged match and shows his warmth and nobility most when with her and their two children, Elyse and Freidrich. Their names are in keeping with the tradition of expensive class symbolism: the longer or more exquisite the name, the more up in status one is.

Due to Aimee’s superproducer qualities, it is likely that Benjamin will go on to become the new archetypal Costello Patriarch happily. Andrew inherits Costello Mansion, having lived there longer, so Benjamin has no choice but to begin to lift the Costello name into the revolution by involving his family – and the press that follows it – with the country scenario in which their house sits. Thus, Benjamin is a full-blooded Costello, but with a twist. He is probably welcoming of Phillip’s family in the future when Dr. Costello may not be.

The wedding of their third child yet to be had, Cassandra, becomes a pivotal point for Zara in the future. Because of the fame of Costello, this would explain why her wedding is such a big deal, publicly, as well as privately.

The End

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