Named after the warrior constellation ‘Orion’, Rion views the world through his biased blue eyes. He was once embroiled in a controversial relationship that only Phillip knew about, but it was due to his brother that the scandal was called off and since forgotten. Phillip makes this assumption anyway, and the past thoughts do not come into mind when considering Rion’s personality.

But the protagonist does underestimate the power of antagonistic jealousy.

And so, the seeds of darkness were planted. Rion is four years older than Phillip, but stuck between Benjamin – favourable to his father because of following – and Andrew – favourable to his father because of steady intellect. No one outwardly knows why it was upon Phillip and Peter that he started to lump hate – perhaps because he knew Andrew was untouchable.

Rion is respectful when he needs to be, especially when it comes to working towards manipulation. Were he interested in marriage rather than extortion, he would probably inherit the estate and the ideology of Costellos. Rion had the chance to be successful, but life didn’t quite go his way. This shows the tender balance of the morals and the mind.

Rion is the spit of his father. Whilst Phillip and Peter have intangible gifts of creative thinking, Rion’s only advantage is in warfare and picking fights – so he does. Perhaps his inadequacy leads him into a dreadful-minded life. There is the sense that Rion was never treated so gloriously under the Costello name as the other Costello brothers when he was young, and so jealousy has been rife within him ever since. Certainly, mischievousness is his palace.

The End

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